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A Six Week Inner Child to open up to
more every day joy by healing and honoring
the wounded little girl inside of you.

The Inner Child

There is a little girl inside of you holding a belief that has informed your adult life.  She may believe that she is bad, or can never do anything right.  She might believe that she isn't worthy of love or that everyone always leaves.  She may believe that she can only be loved if she performs or acts in a certain way.  And as Black Women we have unique experiences in regards to colorism, featurism and racism that impact the wound of our inner child.  Our wounds are deeper and darker with systemic racism cosigning the invisibility and abuse that Black Women have endured. Your success, your failure, you being the superwoman that you are, may have all been influenced by the pain you experienced in childhood.  
Healing your inner child is some of the most important work you will ever do.  There are times the tears you cry are the ones of your younger self.  Sometimes the anger you feel is brought on by a trigger finding expression in your current experience. Doing this work brings you into the present and takes your past off life support.  Some of the outcomes of the wounded child in adulthood is fear of abandonment, the need for attention, feeling unworthy, outburst of anger, avoidance behavior, choosing emotionally distant or abusive partners. perfectionist behavior, workaholic lifestyle, giving and caretaking to exhaustion, addictive behavior and substance abuse.  Healing the inner child is deep profound work that can yield immense transformative results.  

The Inner Circle

Some topics in our sacred circle work are worthy of going deeper because of the depth of wisdom and huge transformation these topics yield.  They call for us to be courageous, daring and bold.  They push us to our emotional, spiritual and physical edge.  They are holistic in their healing.  These topics invite us off the sidelines and onto the playing field, and forces us to play big.  They help us find our truth, our voice and our power. These topics are not just topics but realms of understanding that hold the keys to the best versions of ourselves.  Inner Child work is one of those topics.

The Inher Sacred Journey

The Inher sacred journey is a collection of inner circle group offerings that by end will bring you back to your truth, power and your authentic self.  The you, you came to be.  Each circle is an invitation to release, reclaim and remember who you are, the invitation then extends to intentionally step into a higher level of authentic living. The inner circles have ceremony and ritual to mark this rebirth.

The Inner Circles Are;

Inner Child Wound Healing

Bury The Su
perWoman Raise The Queen​

​Queen Rising

Queens Medicine

Ancestral & Generational Healing

Money and Mindset Manifestation

SoulPreneur Mentoring Mastermind and Fuel Mastermind

the SoulPreneur and Soul Fuel are two paths that runs concurrently

Each Inner Circle will have a series of activation, transmissions, ritual and ceremony to mark the rebirthing process that you will be experiencing in this journey.

More About the Inner Child  Healing Circle...

This inner journey is one of self love, healing and forgiveness. As a participant of the inner circle, you will liberate your inner wounded child by giving her what she never had and what she needs. You will find in turn that she will give you what you need.  Play, Pleasure and Rest are the pillars of this work so know that we will not sit in our pain always but approach our wounds with grace, love and fun.  Each session will begin with an attunement for grounding and alignment with the intention of the circle.  We will detox and activate the energy centers and clear emotions to neutral, in preparation of the weekly soul journey to connect with our inner child.  Know that the child aspect embodies many parts just like you.  There is the wounded child but also the happy child, the wise child and the confident child.  We will visit with each of these aspect for their wisdom and guidance.  We will also use reparenting as a way to rework and destory our childhood narrative.  At the end of this 6 week inner circle, you will gain new perspectives, beliefs and habits that support your great vision.  You will release attachments to negative experiences, gain insights, have a practice of cleansing energetic + emotional centers, feel lighter, in harmony and have more joy and more understanding as you move towards self mastery.   The spiritual tools for this work will be sound + vibration, trauma release exercises, Aromatherapy, journaling, play, guided soul journeys, emotional freedom technique  and hypnosoultherapy.

InnerChild 4.png

Sessions by Weeks

Week 1

Who's Child Is This?

Who and What Birthed the Wounded Child

Week 2
What Hurt Is?

Giving name to the pain

Week 3

Hurt to Habits

Exploring the connection between your outer adult habits & your inner child hurts

Week 4
The Three Wise Girls

Week 5
ReParent ReProgram Restory

Three Aspects of the Girl Within

Transmuting disempowering actions, narratives and beliefs.

Week 6
Restoration & Integration

Soul Fragmentation + Soul Inclusion, bringing it all together

This is for you if you:
  • have open wounds from the past
  • trouble staying in the present moment
  • are holding onto to anger or resentment of the past have anger outburst
  • unexplained challenges in adult relationships, cannot stay in lasting romantic relationships
  • we were abused by adults or other children as a child
  • have trouble speaking up for yourself
  • are often triggered when recalling childhood memories
This is also for you if you:
  • you are ready to live more fully and more connected
  • want more confidence
  • are ready to express your creativity
  • are ready to activate your voice
  • are ready to stop fixing everyone
  • are ready to stop pleasing others
  • are ready to stop carrying the burden of others
  • are ready to elevate your play & pleasure
  • are ready to release and forgive
  • are ready to revolutionize your rest and sleep

Meet Your Guide

Jill Flowers is an Hypnotherapist, Master Guided Imagery Facilitator, Sound Healer, Interfaith Minister, Soul Activist and Sacred Circle Keeper curating ceremony and sacred circles for the elevation of Black Women.  Her spiritual technology includes vibration medicine, soul journeys  breath work, subconscious behavior modification, imagery, generational healing, energetic clearings and activations to disrupt falsehoods, bullshit and barriers to our monumental self.  Her great work is to heal 100,000 Black Women and 7 generations into the future.
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