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Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that puts the subconscious  mind in a state of receptivity whereby positive suggestions are given that support the goals of the client.  Hypnosis can be used for basic self improvement and habit control to deep behavior  transformation.    

Therapeutic Imagery

Therapeutic Guided Imagery, a gentle form of hypnosis, accesses the imagination and visualization of clients to see, feel and create what's possible.  If you can see it then you can achieve it is a very real concept in creation and transformation work.  Imagery is often used in cancer patient cate and pain management.

    Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching as used by Jill Flowers is a process by which the client is given empowered questions for reflection and deep contemplation.  By tapping in to the wisdom of the client on a soul level the client has the true sage experience that all answers are within.   

We're Building a Sacred Sisterhood!

The healing circle is about Black Women coming together to create sacred space.   It is a spiritual mash up of sound healing, meditation, affirmations and prayer.  I've nicked named it "Black Girl Church".  The Circle is a virtual and live offering.  subscribe to hear about the up coming dates first. 

Our Past Events!

For Women of the Diaspora