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Hello I'm Jill Flowers

Jill Flowers is a Transformational Facilitator who assist Black Women to awaken to what you call Magic, Jill calls it Alchemy! This is where your truth meets your power, where intuition meets your gifting and where it all culminates into the expansive space of your Divine Assignment, your purpose. But it is a journey to get there. The journey is through trauma, past issues, self criticism, racism, sexism, self hate, worry, stress and fear. Using the spiritual lens and tools to uplift and support, Jill helps women to be a powerful stand for themselves, their children and their communities. ​

More About Me:

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Guided Imagery Facilitator, Interfaith Inter-Spiritual Minister holding several certificates of study in energy work, wellness and healing. Jill is also a contributing author to the book “Souls of My Sisters” stories of women who triumphed over tragedy. In this collection of essays Jill shares her own story of going from pain to power to purpose. This is the very foundation of the work she does with women in her Soul Shops and Healing Circles. Jill’s work inspires, heals and activates the soul. She sees the Divine in you when it is difficult for you to see it in yourself.

Clients Who Have Partnered with Me Have Experienced:

  • Reduced anxiety, stress, sadness, and grief!
  • I assist my clients in the management of their Emotional GPS where we use our intuition, empower our voice and honor our feelings.  
  • We connect heart to belly to womb!
  • My clients have less worry, confusion and less fear.  We move through a process of Release and Reclamation so they have experienced more play, pleasure, rest and more confidence.
  •  We live for an Aha Moment!
  • My clients who are Healerpreneurs have successfully increased their business as we flipped their money story and tapped into their abundance. 
  • We are not always depressed, we are actually spiritually awakening!  
  • My clients break toxic Attachments and move into Alignment.


But first, they healed.





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