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Soul Activation

Sessions in:

limiting beliefs

Soul Signature

Personal Alchemy    Creation & Manifestation

Soul Therapy

Sessions in:


Emotional Trauma

Anxiety Phobias & Fear

Healing the Inner Child    Breathwork Meditation

Soul Quest


Sessions in:

Past Life Regression

Ancestral/Generational Healing

Healing History    Reprogramming Life Script


Sessions in:

Stress & Relaxation

General Self Improvement

Mental Clarity    Goal Creation & Manifestation

           Success Mindset                Habit Improvement

Sacred & Healing

  Sessions in:

      Healing Racism,               Micro Aggressions                         Safe Space Coaching                     Break the"Them               First" Habit                       I AM more than Enough                                                                 

*This is an example of what is available to you. 

Sessions are customized based on your needs and goals of your personal journey.  

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Jill Flowers

Transformational Facilitator