Pay What You Can Sliding Scale Model

Let's just jump right in!

I have decided to offer a "Pay What You Can" sliding scale model.


Because as a Soul/Spiritual Activist it means that I am engaged in Social Activism through a metaphysical and spiritual lens. It means that my heart centered work is to be of service using transformational tools that empower Black Women and our allies to make high frequency choices about their life's direction.


it means that I believe that I should also live my high frequency life by sharing my gifts and being an example of the teaching that I share.


I see using a sliding scale model as a path for accessibility for all involved while still valuing myself and honoring my purpose, gifts and "the work" we do together. The very thing that I am teaching.


I have benefited from sliding scale pricing in the past and I am benefiting from a sliding scale model currently.

What exactly is this new model? I was deeply inspired by a blog post that I have read several times over. After reading the post it confirmed in me what I kept thinking about but was afraid to implement because I had so much business coaching in the past I thought sliding scale would be contrary to that coaching and also to my own financial goals. This article was the final push I needed to give me the confidence and the understanding that the decision to use a sliding scale model is not anti wealthy nor is it a handout. It is a model by which everyone can win as long as we are in integrity around using this type of model.

Here is the article written by Amber Westfall:

Who is this for?

Black Women and our supporting Allies, who want a Mentor/Coach and would like healing services to support them in releasing limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, ready to rewrite a story that no longer serves them and would like to create their high vibe good and wonderful life. My main tool is Guided Imagery that falls under hypnosis, the work I do is with the subconscious mind using a metaphysical spiritual perspective.

If we have spoken already, you've had a session or you did not show up for the session you booked for any reason and this post resonates with you, I want to invite you to take advantage of the "Pay What You Can" Sliding scale model. Here's what to do:

look at this video FIRST


If you are serious and would like Mentoring and Support into 2019 schedule a call here:


If you still have questions email me here:

Sessions will start in November. They are 60 mins weekly.

Spaces are limited so I encourage you to contact me asap.

Only serious inquiries please!!!

In Love and Light


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