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Going Within

One of the most important pieces of guidance that I share is how deeply important it is to go within.

What I mean by "going within" is quiet inner reflection. Time to be in a space of self consideration. In some spaces it is to "sit".

This is not meditation.

I am talking about focused intentional pondering of your inner world.

Why is this important?

Your inner world is where the truth of who you are lives. Unmuddled by outside noise, opinions and beliefs, the brilliance of who you really are lives on the inside. We are not our things, we are not our labels or even our skin color. We are so much much more.

"your inner world Is where truth of who you are lives."

In modern spirituality we use the term "your Higher Self" we may even say "your GodSelf". I believe this needs no explanation as to what that means but what I will share is that in this space of authenticity no wound can live here. No chaos, no pain, no problem can come to this space and go unresolved nor can any question go unanswered. The Higher Self is tethered to the Soul and the Soul to The Absolute.

"no wound can live here"

When you have an aha moment because something has deeply resonated with you, it's most likely because the person or experience has just aligned with your truth. The aha isn't you hearing something the new, the aha is you meeting another layer of your authentic self. It is inner agreement inner alignment activated.

If this is so important then why don't we traverse our inner worlds often, if ever. First we don't have time and second it's because