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Healing the Black Inner Child

You knew when you felt the heat in a certain area on your head it was time to hold your ear forward or you would get a firm "hold your ear" or just a "ear" and you'd pull your ear down.

Nothing could be done, however, when the hot comb hit the back of your neck, the sting you would feel for the next 3 days. . You'd be lucky if you got a sorry as your mother snapped the hot comb back but she would just keep going.

Everybody knew charge it to the game. It was the cost of having hair that you could swing.

You knew when she did your hair you better fight the urge to move your hand on top of your head to feel how much hair was done, lest you get knocked on your knuckles with the comb. You knew growing up that there was no running around stores, no acting up and acting out in public places. That was an offense punishable by "wait till your ass get home and see!"

As a little girl, your legs must be closed at all times and when you wore a dress it seemed every adult was on high alert to make sure thighs were firmly pressed together.

The pressure that you must exceed the average expectations, work harder, do more, not because you can do it and hard work is honorable but because you're Black.

The constant of having to push up against being the very thing we are is immense. There is a continuing message that we must overcome our own Blackness and when you are a Black child the message is you must overcome being a child. Along with having to stay in your place because children should be seen, not heard, yet I'm raising my brothers and sisters.

And if you're like me you raised yourself.

Adulting while being a child produces chaos.

This is the chaos that clears when we do the work of healing the inner child.

The process of connecting with the wounded child inside disrupts the identity you carry as an adult that really is a trauma response to your unhealed childhood.

It is not the real you.

So when you touch even the hem of your authentic self by doing this healing work, a shift will occur and you will begin to rise above the confusion of not being your unhealed self.

You begin to have the courage to up level your life and the confidence to prioritize your happiness.

If this is you please know we're enrolling the Inner Child Healing Phase of the InHer Sacred Journey We're kicking it off Monday Night, Feb 6 at 8pm EST with a Zoom to introduce what the 8 weeks will entail.

I want to invite you to investigate this healing work with me.

If you're not signed up and you want to know the details you can join the call

for free!

Register here and get the link sent direct to you from Zoom

Love Jill

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