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Black Women's Healing Circle 

    TBD January, 2021

The Magic and Medicine of a Black Woman Virtual Retreat
May 01, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EDT
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Hello I'm Jill Flowers,

I help set Black Women free from the hurt of being invisible.  I work with women who are ready to release belief systems and experiences that no longer serve them and women who have outgrown their current reality but aren't aware of the tools to create a life on purpose based in their truth.  I can help.  

By providing safe and sacred space, I help women let go of pain from past and present conditions so that we can be in service to ourselves, using our gifts and achieving self mastering, creating hiGh ViBe, care free lives. 

I Believe there are 3 path's that when combined, can maximize transformation:

Alone for reflection and contemplation,

One on one with your counselor or coach for accountability and in group for connection, community and support.  

As a Transformation Facilitator I have endeavored to bring offerings to you that hold space for you on all three paths of healing. One on one sessions that are designed with reflection time in the post session action steps and group healing circles that support fellowship with like minded women.