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Heal the stress of living

while Black in America.

It's time you heal limiting beliefs and false narratives imposed on Black Women by culture, race, gender, lineage and societal conditioning. 

Heal Align Activate no matter the external Conditions! 

It's time for all Black Women to operate in her gifts, talents and purpose. To connect with her Divine Self and awaken her to her Alkhemy, the Black Women's unique brilliance!  

When She is Healed

             We Are Healed!

For we know that when she is healed, she harmonizes the family and uplifts the community. She becomes her own medicine. She gives and receives graciously, nurtures compassionately, loves tremendously, Leads humbly and protects fiercely. She is on purpose. She is fulfilled.

Black Women are supported with live & virtual healing circles, soul shops, retreats, private healing sessions and intensives.  To know when these events happen subscribe Below:  

"Hello I'm Jill Flowers, 

I help Black Women reprogram limiting beliefs and false narratives imposed on them by culture, gender, lineage and the overall stress of living in an oppressive society "


am here to support (and sometimes interrupt) you on your spiritual and emotional journey by providing safe space for you to heal, transform your circumstances and then create your high vibration life!  I have helped clients with racism related stress (PTSS) & micro aggressions, blocks due to fear, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness and negative self talk & habits.  


I have helped women soothe anger, resentment and frustration, due to broken relationships and dysfunction. I have assisted women in honoring their truth and managing their emotions from a place of self love.  Women who have attended my healing circles or one on one sessions with me have learned how to forgive, how to receive and how to set boundaries.  

The work that we do together is transformative, it may start with a focus on healing or maybe you're already on your healing journey but typically we result in alignment where one begins to see clear and manifest their dream goals.  

I believe that Black Women need a two fold construct of support for healing and growth.  One that is private where she can share and shed and one that is in community with like minded women. A place where she can unmask, be celebrated, seen and understood.

Through one on one sessions and Black Women Healing Circles, I am assisting Women of the Diaspora in loving themselves through the pain, reframing the past and creating a life on purpose.  The only person you have truly been waiting for is yourself.  Are you ready?

Are you Ready?


     a safe space to heal      transform limiting beliefs          create your high vibe life?



 Have tea with Me! 

Then ...     

You talk and I'll listen.  Then we'll see how I can support you with my metaphysical style of Soul Coaching, Hypnotherapy, BreathWork or custom 

Guided Meditation Journeys!  

Schedule a 20 min tea time connection with me today. 


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What I Do...

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 Heal, Transform, Create!  

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Meet Jill!


Jill Flowers is a Transformational Facilitator who assist Black Women to awaken to what you call Magic, Jill calls it Alchemy!  This is where your truth meets your power, where intuition meets your gifting and where it all culminates into the expansive space of your Divine Assignment, your purpose.  But it is a journey to get there.  The journey is through trauma, past issues, self criticism, racism, sexism, self hate, worry, stress and fear.  Using the spiritual lens and tools to uplift and support, Jill helps women to be a powerful stand for themselves, their children and their communities.

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Guided Imagery Facilitator, Interfaith Inter-Spiritual Minister holding several certificates of  study in energy work, wellness and healing.   Jill is also a contributing author to the book “Souls of My Sisters” stories of women who triumphed over tragedy.  In this collection of essays Jill shares her own story of going from pain to power to purpose.   This is the very foundation of the work she does with women in her Soul Shops and Healing Circles   Jill’s work inspires, heals and activates the soul.   She sees the Divine in you when it is difficult for you to see it in yourself.

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