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It's time to stop wearing the happy mask so that we can show the world we're not the angry Black Woman you thought we were.  It's time to call out the lies and negative images imposed on us about us by them.  


We do not come in single serve boxes of overly sexual, of angry with a side of uncontrolled emotion or uncaring well done with a double scoop of threatening masculinity that society can take off of the skillet and use in the latest reality tv show.  

At the very least, this is annoying and at the very worst it hurts to the core.  But we brush it off because truth is we have never seen it not happen.

The Black Woman's plight is one that is largely ignored and we live with that every day.  We've learned to thrive in it.


We live with BlackWoman Bashing and thrive.  We have learned to live with the imposed falsehoods that scream at us from society, culture, race and gender. 

The result.  We feel unsafe.


What we need is rest.  What we need is to be held with loving eyes and a loving heart.  What we need is a safe place to heal.



You have a right to heal your past, transform your present and create a carefree life filled with purpose, clarity and joy!

You have the right to move beyond what they said and what they did!  You just don't have the tools or the teachings.  


Healing and having a good life is possible.

And guess what Sis?... It's your BirthRight!  



It's Time Sis!

When She is Healed

             We Are Healed!

For we know that when she is healed, she harmonizes the family and uplifts the community. She becomes her own medicine. She gives and receives graciously, nurtures compassionately, loves tremendously, Leads humbly and protects fiercely. She is on purpose. She is fulfilled.

Hello I'm Jill Flowers,

I help set Black Women free from the hurt of being invisible.  By providing safe and sacred space, I help us let go of pain from past and present conditions so that we can use our gifts without fear and without exhaustion, allowing us to lead healthy carefree lives and just BE!

Do You Want Deep Connection?


I know you deeply want to be connected to something greater than yourself.                                                Are  You Seeking?

There is a nudging, a urging  you know there is something greater.  you want to move past the burdens, the blocks and the broken heart.   

Are You Ready to Surrender?

Your beliefs have you running, masking and disowning your bigness?  It's ok to surrender!  Surrender doesn't mean giving up, it means you've grown.  It means you are ready to heal and you realize although you do the healing you need help, you need guidance, accountability and it would be great if she could be your personal cheerleader and being with her would be safe.  Perhaps I can help you.    

Have tea with Me!


I'm inviting you to connect with me if you need support in a safe space where you can heal, grow and be yourself.  

I offer a spiritual cocktail of soul coaching, spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, breath work and other tools to support your healing journey.

I believe with heal in three ways, one to one, in community and then alone.  Combining all these with action steps and journaling for processing gives the greatest outcome the growth-elevation  


I offer private online sessions, group sessions, virtual & in person healing circles and classes for self healing.


 There is also a facebook group where you can get daily inspiration.

Message me and let's talk about how I can help you! 


Let's Connect!



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Meet Jill!


Jill Flowers is a Transformational Facilitator who assist Black Women to awaken to what you call Magic, Jill calls it Alchemy!  This is where your truth meets your power, where intuition meets your gifting and where it all culminates into the expansive space of your Divine Assignment, your purpose.  But it is a journey to get there.  The journey is through trauma, past issues, self criticism, racism, sexism, self hate, worry, stress and fear.  Using the spiritual lens and tools to uplift and support, Jill helps women to be a powerful stand for themselves, their children and their communities.

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Guided Imagery Facilitator, Interfaith Inter-Spiritual Minister holding several certificates of  study in energy work, wellness and healing.   Jill is also a contributing author to the book “Souls of My Sisters” stories of women who triumphed over tragedy.  In this collection of essays Jill shares her own story of going from pain to power to purpose.   This is the very foundation of the work she does with women in her Soul Shops and Healing Circles   Jill’s work inspires, heals and activates the soul.   She sees the Divine in you when it is difficult for you to see it in yourself.

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