Are you Ready to DisRupt the Normalizing of A Toxic Limiting Lifestyle?

As Women of the Diaspora our healing must be revolutionary and our self-care radical. 


"My recipe for life is not being afraid of myself, afraid of what I think or of my opinions.”

Eartha Kitt

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”               - Audra Lorde


Healing is the continued action of seeing your own brilliance, advocating for that brilliance and showing up for yourself deeply, powerfully, truthfully, every damn day!  


There are three ways in which you can take an active role to up level your healing and personal growth.    



In Partnership with a counselor, therapist, or coach that will hold                                                            you accountable.


In Community with a supportive soul aligned group for connection                                                         and good ole fashion validation, you need to know you're not crazy. 


In Self Reflection, spending time alone,                                                      connecting to your own Soul and with the God of your understanding.  

" I believe these three combined, create a sacred trinity to assist in                      radically transforming your life.  We offer all three ways for you to elevate your inner journey.                                This is an invitation to that transformation. "  -   Jill Flowers  

Hello I'm Jill Flowers!

I Assist Black Women in DisRupTing Trauma Drama and Bullshit!  

I help set women free from the hurt of being invisible.
I work with women who are ready to release belief systems and experiences that no longer serve them and women who have outgrown their current reality.
They are DisRuptors!
But they may not have the tools to create a life on purpose based in their truth.
I can help!

As certified Wellness Coach and Hypnotherapist, Master Guided Imagery Facilitator, Sound Alchemist and Ordained Minister I create a spiritual mashup of coaching and counseling based in Metaphysical Principal.  

I support the women who partner with me with soul journey's, breath work, energy medicine of Release Reclamation and Rebirth.  We work on her superwoman archetype and the inner child who birthed her!  

My great intention is for you to fall deeply in love with yourself and create a HiGh ViBe, care free life.

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The Black Women's Healing Circle Community

The Sacred Sister Membership Community for Black Women seeking connection, safety, and support.

A place for awakening, healing, and creation.


 A judgment-free zone that provides a safe welcoming space is needed where you’re seen, heard, known, and understood.  Space is reserved and held for you here! 


Gain greater self-awareness and grow your healing toolbox with Self paced mini-courses including our Signature group program The InHer Journey,  A year of healing and inner exploration with Jill. 


Challenges are a part of life that really are invitations to grow you, expand you and push your limits beyond what you would normally do alone.  Groups Challenge provide support in moving your forward. 


Above the noise and beyond the hustle and bustle, for some of us the desire to move past the surface and go deeper, is the longing of hearts.


The Circle offerings are a sacred space for sharing, letting go, receiving coaching and having your senses stimulated through visualization, music, prayer, sound vibration and soul journeys  that make for a full experience of transformation.

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