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​Hi! I’m Jill Flowers

I help Black Women Professionals, Healers, Creatives & Leaders Disrupt Trauma, Drama and

HypnoSoul Healer & Coach

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Welcome Home!
you are here because you have questions about your own behavior , your thoughts and even your presence. You want to heal because you know there's more.  You can almost touch it. There is a truth in you that wants to emerge.  
This truth has drawn you here 
Release obstacles
Reclaim your power and to Re member who you are.  
Our process of disrupting & 
releasing is actually a rebirth that brings you home to yourself.  
You are the one you've been searching for, welcome home.

I am here to help guide you home to yourself, you are in the drivers seat and I'm riding shotgun!

You may be in a toxic cycle of normalizing discomfort, pushing your real feelings down and it has left you exhausted, dazed and confused.  You may also be feeling the slow burn of resentment, unforgiveness and grief.   

As a Healer, I support you in disrupting these states.   
I partner with Black Women, helping them shift from helplessness, overwhelm and confusion to confident, clear and connected, because great things happen when you become unbound and find your voice.  

You get free!

I invite you to take the first step toward your freedom and schedule a Trauma, Drama Bullshit Breakthrough Session with me personally.  In this session I will make a few next step suggestions including how I can support you if partnering on your journey seems like a right next step. 

 Click the "Lets Connect" button to schedule with me.  

I can't wait to meet you!



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