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Client Praise

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Erica. M  California


 10 Stars!

Jill has been holding healing space for me and other Black women for some years now.  I recently received the sound healing from Jill. I enjoyed it and felt the subtle shifts in my energy and clarity in my thoughts. It was also very relaxing. I noticed more presence in my waking life that will allow me to manifest my hearts desire. Jill is always so gentle and intuitive and I will be happy to seek her services again.


Brandi. Brooklyn, NY

A key transformative experience has been for me is Jill helping  me to realize my true power and stepping into who God has intended me to be.  Grateful for all that she does!


Tavona. Seattle, WA


Jill has helped me with taking off the superwoman cape.

The 1 day virtual retreat was amazing. It provided space to think deeper.

So grateful to be in your sphere!

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Tameka. Atlanta, GA

I had titles attached to me that were draining and Jill immediately reassured me of who I am and adjustments that were needed in order for me to heal.  Jill is very professional and will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.

Client Share

"I cannot capture in words, how grateful I am for you!"

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