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HypnoSoul Coach

Hello I'm Jill Flowers, I help set Black Women free from the hurt of being invisible.  I work with women who are ready to release belief systems and experiences that no longer serve them and women who have outgrown their current reality but aren't aware of the tools to create a life on purpose based in their truth.  I can help. 


By providing safe and sacred space, I help women let go of pain from past and present conditions so that we can be in service to ourselves, using our gifts and achieving self mastering, creating hiGh ViBe, care free lives. 



Jill has a Heart for Healing

"Master Healer & Intuitive"​

Jill Flowers is a Master Healer and Intuitive.  She is the definition of a modern day Renaissance Woman, holding double certifications as a Hypnotherapist and two Reiki Masterships.  She is a Sound Healer, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Master Guided Imagery Facilitator, Speaker, Author, Mentor and not the least of these Mother and Wife.  She has spent over 25 years in the film and television industry as a Costume Supervisor, now retired when she started her spiritual healing business.  Jill is a Contributing Author to the book Souls of My Sisters, a Simon & Shuster Publishing.  This is only scratches the surface of her story.



Co-Founder of The Abolish the N Word Project, Inc. Jill and her husband received over 100,000 hits with their web site’s powerful message within the first month it was live.  This was before the term “Viral was a part of the english lexicon.  The Brooklyn raised couple received media attention from New York and across the United States including CNN, NY Daily News, Miami Herald and The Washington Post.  They were awarded numerous accolades including a Proclamation from the New York City Council,  recognition from then Councilman, now Senator Leroy Comrie and a Trail Blazer award from The then Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer.  


Jill’s activism inspired her to continue to be of service and she went on to become an Ordained Interfaith Inter-Spiritual Minister.  She has now evolved to Spiritual Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Sound Alchemist, Soul Activist, Master Healer and Intuitive.  She combines all of her technology into a spiritual mashup she has branded called HypnoSoul Healing & Coaching.  Jill uses metaphysics and spiritual principals to provide healing and strength for the women who attend her Circles + Ceremonies,  Private and Community Memberships, Group Programs and Retreats. 

Jill's Ministry centers Black Women Healing, Black Women Rest and Black Women Bliss. 


Jill is passionate about being of service and taking a stand for the transformation of hearts + souls, consciousness + community. Her vow into ministry says it all “I Jill Flowers, vow to use my speech, my listening and my light to awaken to empower and to heal”.   Jill's vow has inspired her vision, to heal 100.000 Black Women and 7 Generations into the future.  She is well on her way!


Jill lives in Brooklyn, NY with her Husband and two children.

Abolishing the N'Word...

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