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My Shed, Pivot & Flip - Part 2

This is Part 2 of last months blog titled "My Shed, Pivot and Flip" click here to read it!

The Flip!

The three day event is over. I am on the plane heading back to New York. I am marinating in my experience. I feel strong, focused. I don't have an event planned but I decide to take the current topic I am working on and focus it on Black Women. Power. What does it look like for Black Women to go back to where they may have left their power? Where have we as women intentionally given up our power? I call it Reclamation of Power: A call to Action for Black Women.

I changed the wording on my website. I add the event and although I did not have the location, I added the location and hoped it would be available. I decided if I get interest then I will put down the money and book the space. I did two weeks of marketing. Every time I spoke of my event I felt confident and powerful. I put into practice three very important lessons I learned from my 3 day launch your business bootcamp. First: Make the decision. There is power in the decision. Second: It's good enough for now. In other words stop waiting for things to be perfect, its perfect for right now. So I did it. I had 70% of the RSVP's attend the healing circle. It was a humbling experience. The theme at the New Orleans event was to step into our power and I complied! The third thing I learned is when you truly take on your power, when you step into what is already there waiting for you to take action wonderful things begin to happen!