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Sisterhood & Support!

Greetings Beautiful Ones!

The recent high profile suicides last month had me thinking a lot about the truth about support.

And what did I come up with?

Most times I don't feel supported. But is that the truth?

As I engaged this question around my own support the answer is no, it's not the truth. The truth is, most times I simply don't ask for what I need and when it doesn't work out in the way I wanted I think "I'm not supported" that very thought brings the response in my head "Well it's hard to help Super Woman isn it?"

I then remember that I am a Queen who knows how to ask for help. I am not weak I am aware! I then get back on my regal horse and carriage that I obviously fell off of and I ask for what I need.

Black women are notorious for "doing it" on their own and in a lot of cases it's not because we want to, in some cases that's just how it is. My inquiry around support and suicide made me wonder what the statistics were on Black women and suicide.

First let me say that the act of suicide has taken lives from every race, creed and culture. No group has escaped the bitterness of this act, however Black women are among the lowest statistically to commit suicide.

There are a few reasons for this notwithstanding the level of stress, burden and sickness within the Black community overall, Black women feel a strong connection to God, their faith and we are committed to our families, even if we do not think our family is committed to us.

We are also committed to our sister friends. We will walk miles barefoot on hot roads to see each other. You mad at him, she mad at him too! You mad at her, she made at her too! We will fight but at the end of the day we will have each other's back. Nothing like a sister friend to cry with you, curse with you and from time to time check you!

We understand the strength and the power of our role as sisters mothers, wives, aunts and daughters. We are clear about what would happen to our families and friends if we were not around. and so we pray, we leave it at the alter or the foot of your bff's bed.

Therapy has also increased in popularity for us and now it is an option when at one point it simply wasn't what we did culturally.

The truth is we feel supported by our faith, family and friends and our ability to overcome cuz we've done it before, it's in our DNA and we have a rich history of Overcomers to prove it!

So I ask you, how are you being supported?

and is that the truth?

Sending you Light & Love


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