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Waiting on Life

Sometimes it can feel like we are just waiting for life to begin. We are on the journey but we're not moving. We said the affirmation, we lit the candle, we sprinkled holy water, we read the latest spiritual book. We invested the money. We called on the ancestors, paid homage to the elders. We tithed, we journaled, we prayed, we volunteered and still nothing has moved.

The life you want just isn't the one you're living.

But what if we are doing too much?

What if the very actions we take are the very things that create the yearning in us that keep us waiting for the life that we crave.

Here is a reminder!

You are the signal, you are the magnet. What you draw to you will carry the same vibration of the emotion you have sent out. If you are not excited about your current situation then "try on" a situation that you are excited about! Have you walked in your future self's shoes? Have you received the compliments from your future friends who love your new home, or imagined yourself sitting in the office of your new job?

I certainly have done this for myself. I pictured myself on stage and then it happened, it's actually happened quite a few times now! I felt the mic in my hand, I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I felt my feet on the cold stage because of course I took my shoes off to create sacred space! In my head I was on stage but physically I was actually in my bed!

As a Guided Imagery Facilitator I use visualization for my own healing, manifestation and moving out of negative states into emotional states of peace, calm, joy and deep gratitude. The same technique I use on myself I use with my clients! I take my clients on journeys to shift their energy, change their mood and elevate their consciousness. Once you visualize or image or feel yourself living the life you crave your subconscious mind begins to shift towards getting that life for you.

How exciting is that?

This is one of the tools I use in supporting clients, this is how I help. Next month I am putting my time and energy into creating 12 Journeys for 12 weeks for 12 special women who will trust me as a conduit for their healing. Twelve women who have been waiting. Twelve women who know they are meant to do more, have more and live more. Women who are ready to heal, love and begin to create their good and wonderful, high vibe life! If you think you are one of them then keep reading.

Love & Light!


P.S - If you are ready to release the things that no longer serve and call in that which is the life you have been waiting for I am starting a very special spiritual coaching Group for Black Women. The investment is a sliding scale option where you pay monthly what you can afford. If you are interested check out the details here:

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