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Tonight - Guided Visualization for 2019

On holiday Weekend??? C'mon now Sis!

I hear you but if you're like me this is just when you need more nurturing, more comfort, more sleep and more relaxed times.

Hibernation for sure!

I also see this as a time for reflection, focus and preparation for the next year. If you're like me you're dreaming, journaling and visualizing the next phase of goals for 2019


if you're like me you may have notice there are some things you didn't accomplish that was on your 2018 list! What?! Yes!

But it's ok we're moving them to our 2019 list and we are going to create clear action steps to our goals but first we need to move some stuff out of the way.

That's what tonight's guided visualization is about. It is not the full meal it is the appetizer! This is different from the Healing Circle as you won't be seen and there will be no live coaching or verbal exchange. Guided Visualization provides both relaxation and focus. A perfect combination.

We will start by undoing and destroying the things that we have carried forward, the thoughts and experiences that don't serve us in any way any more!

Are you still holding on to what they said about you?

Are you still carrying the burden of shame and regret?

Are you still holding on to what She did or what He didn't do?

click here to continue reading and to register: https://mailchi.mp/3f873a1db4e0/healing2019

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