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Life ReImagined

"Re" the latin prefix, it means again, or again and again.

This year as I step deeper into who I see myself becoming I am really grateful for the chance to "do it" again.

This is the year of my Life ReImagined. It is another year of being an observer of my own transformation and then serving up that transformation up in the form of offerings to the amazing, wonderful, women who see value in what I do.

Life ReImagined is about the response to the Call, being just as loud and as powerful as the Call itself. The call to step into my mastery. The call to serve and to know the difference between being in service and servitude. The call to love myself on the deepest levels and to know the difference between feeling sorry for Me and having compassion for Me. The call to revel in my own alchemy and know that I can bring that alchemical essence to everything that I do from mopping the floor to holding the door and to every human interaction. Life ReImagined is imagining IT and then being IT! And if I have to do it again, then giving myself the space to do just that, again and again. It's a part of the journey. No apologies. Sorry, I aint sorry!

And with that please allow me to Reintroduce myself!

I am a Certified Therapeutic Guided Imagery Master Facilitator and Soul Coach. I use Imagery, a form of hypnosis and other spiritual tools to tap into the subconscious to transform limiting beliefs and behavior. My work is with primarily Black and Brown Women who are Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) and the Unchurched. I offer private and group experiences for women to grow safely and sacredly into being themselves. I hold space for you.

My prayer is that this Reintroduction will inspire you to Reimagine your life as you need to as well. Redo, Release and Reconfigure again and again as you feel called, with no apologies. Change your business, change your title, change careers, change your country.

If you need a "different kind of support" to help you navigate your Reconfiguration process and you value what I am offering, please book a 45 minute free Sensory Session with me here:

You can also join in the journey of virtual and live events that I will be offering this year.

To begin, the first soul shop of the year is this Saturday, January 26th. It is a Vision Engineering event that I am calling a Vision Board After Party.

This event will help you dive deep into reimagining your life as we engage in processes that open the subconscious mind and anchor in your dreams, desires and goals for the year.

I am extremely excited about this live, intimate event for 20 women maximum.

I have found as an Empath and Intuitive small groups are where I do my best as we all flourish in intimacy and connection.

There are still seats left if you'd like to join in.

This is an "Every Woman" event and all are welcome!

In the meantime keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow as I will be sending you the dates of my upcoming offerings for the first quarter of the year. Please mark your calendar and book early!

Peace, Blessings and Love


PS - As of February 1st Sensory Sessions will no longer be a free offering. If you'd like to take advantage of this transformative experience while it's still available at no charge, you still have time to book before it is priced as a paid 75 min session. If you have been thinking about working with me book your free session on or before January 31st, 2019. Schedule here:

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