A Time Such As This.

Hey Big Beautiful Powerful Creative YOU!

You are uniquely formed and bubbling over with potential. Some of that potential has turned into the gift you are using right now. Some of that potential is not yet ripe but fine tuning itself into the next big thing you're going to offer the world. And some of that potential is dormant. No matter where you are on the potential spectrum I want to invite you to consider this: you are needed. No matter what you think of yourself someone has deep affection for you, someone is waiting for that next big thing you're going to do.

Someone is inspired by you and they cannot step into their greatness because they need you to step into yours. This is just the way life works. Martin had Ghandi. Michelle Obama had Mary Tyler More, Michael Jackson had James Brown. And so it is with you. yes YOU. You are here to help usher in the greatness of others by using your own God given greatness.

Your gift may be the way you make other people feel. You may have a talent for doing things really quickly, efficiently and effectively. Maybe your art inspires others to write or create. Maybe your smile warms the hearts of all who gaze upon you.

What's my point. We are all special, unique and coded with gems that make this world go round because we each are a piece of The Infinite dancing on earth. When we don't realize this we violate our spiritual nature, we smother our soul, we separate ourselves from Source and promote separation in the world by our very being. And your potential and purpose is put on pause. The people waiting for your art, or your inspiring words, or your blog, or book, or clothing line, or comforting recipes, or your podcast, stand still too and eventually seek inspiration elsewhere. See, each one of us contributes to the forward movement of the collective by use of our purposed energies. Your gifts are not for you they are to be shared. Your gifts will actually torture you while others delight in them. We need your gifts now. They make the world go round. I say this from my own personal journey as a wounded healer.

We are in a special time right now where what you see is actually an invitation to something bigger. What you hear is not the thunder of armageddon upon us but it is actually the call to turn our backs on negativity, fear, complaining, toxic connections, minor disagreements, patriarchy, biases, petty interactions, aggressions, violent thinking, violent behaviors, tiny thinking, playing small and overall bullshit.

I ask you in these times, what mattered before, does it still matter with the same intensity now? We are shifting. When we turn our backs on what was before we accelerate that shift. We must face upward. We must focus on lifting our vibration with good thoughts, good acts and good food because as we lift, our personal world lifts and as our worlds lift, the collective consciousness will begin to vibrate higher.

One of the guaranteed ways to lift your vibration is to be on purpose in your talent and gifting, stop playing small and use who you naturally are in service to your world. You are here right now because you were created for a time such as this.

For Your Rise!

Love Jill


To this end, I have decided to offer Six Nights of Circles. Six different themed Sister Circles in the Black Women's Healing Circle new platform. The first offering is an Affirmation Cypher where you can bring your sacred expressions, songs, chants, poems and speak them into the circle to inspire and lift each other up. It's free. Details & Sign up Click Here: https://expertise.tv/webinar/affirmation-cypher/landing/11991


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