Have You Thanked a Black Woman Today?

"Black Women are the mules of the world" Zora wrote in the book Their Eyes Were Watching God. I've heard this quote several times before. Every time I hear it, it stings just a little and saddens me just a little because I know well the truth of this statement.

I recently had a aha moment while watching a video of three Black Married couples speak on gender roles and all that the wives did to help their husbands fulfill their dreams. When the wives were asked what they would want in return, they passionately unanimously agreed, they just want to be thanked. Right! We may want to be thanked in different ways from a hug to Tiffany's but if I do something for you please say thank you.


The Black Women's Love language is Aknowledegement.

And in a world where we have been invisible for a long time, being seen and heard is half the battle. "Thank you" goes a long way.


for every Black woman on the melenated spectrum, from charcoal to moca to cafe` aulait to spice to barely there and back again,

Thank you!

For the work you have done to Elevate, Advance, Teach, Birth, Serve, Heal, Hold, Feed, Pray, Nurture, Rescue, Raise and Care for the families of this world those not your own and those of your own,

Thank you!

For your tears, for taking the abuse, for your waiting in silence, for your being loud and still invisible Thank you for waiting and doing, anyway.

Thank you!

For giving us a new President. Thank you for your loyalty in all things, thank you for your investment of time for the energy you bring in every room, thank you for your game face, I know you weren't angry, just focused!

Thank you!

for when it was thankless and the outcome was unsure, for never making it all about money, thank you for pushing it down to uphold something greater than yourself. Thank you for using your voice and thank you for silently going through the back door because you knew one day you would own the door and the building it came with.

Thank you like miraculously manifesting something out of nothing. Because your Daddy wasn't a billionaire and nobody ain't never gave you nothin. Even when you were sick you did it, even when you didn't know what you didn't know, you figure it out and carried on.


I declare a new day! Our time of muling is complete! We will no longer resonate with back breaking burdens and thankless servitude! We will still work hard but we will rest and move our bodies and love on ourselves and love on each other! And um we're gonna need that acknowledgment! I call In the energy of Gratitude. I call In the vibration of Rest. I call In Sweet Release for all women everywhere who work hard in thankless situations! Please receive this Gratitude.

I invite you,

in this month of gratitude, have you thanked a Black Woman today?

Love Jill


Some of you may not feel the power of this post. I know that circumstances have made you feel powerless and for some of you, you've felt this way long before covid. If you have been feeling like you have no control in the midst of chaos, maybe someone or something took your power or maybe you gave up your power. I have something for you that I have been working on. I am thrilled to share my new mini course to help those of you who would like support in moving out of uncertainty and powerlessness! It is mini but it is powerful and it is coming! This course is a meditation, reflective and journaling experience based off of the healing circle Reclamation of Power! To pre launch my new course I will be reviving this healing circle this coming Sunday with special course pricing for participants.

Coming Soon!

This is my first professional course and I'd love to share the free healing circle and special course pricing with you! If you're ready to take back your power, register for the Black Women's Healing Circle by clicking here: POWER REVIVAL


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