My Sister's Keeper

Dear Black Woman,

If you happened to have a Black Woman in your life who supports you and holds space for you, takes a stand with you and for you, please know that it is an act of self love for her to do so. She sees herself in you. She may even be trying to love herself by loving on you.

Love her back...Please.

She needs you.

We need each other. Racism is lonely and the stereotypes can suffocate us if we let it.

Don't let it.

One of the stereotypes that have been imposed on us is that Black Women don't get along with each other and that we hate each other.

This is not true.

We have our likes and dislikes, just like everyone else and we don't pretend to get along with people that we simply just don't get along with. I do believe, however that the negative gets highlighted, glorified and monetized. I do believe we have been negatively impacted by the subversive and the overt anti-Black Woman messaging that is everywhere.

I have a solution.

Let's love each other through it.

Even if it's from a distance.

Even if we are having a hard time with the way another Black Woman bears her pain.

Ask yourself, why am I triggered?

And then...

Send her high thoughts and high vibes, instead of judgement and critism.

She is your sister.

And she is learning how to be your keeper. She is learning how to hold space for you just as you must hold space for her. We are each others keeper. You know who this applies to.

May we keep each other well.

To this end, I would like to invite you to a very special Black Women's Healing Circle, a day of holding space and sister keeping. A day to show up for each other, to give and to receive. We will gather together and witness each others vision, seed desires and harvest dreams. I will be delivering our spiritual mashup of conscious breath work, guided meditation, aromatherapy and sound healing.

The Healing Circle is your safe, judgment free space, to connect with like minded women.

And what I know for sure, your time in the circle will be transformational. Your burden will be light and your vision clear. This is what happens when you are seen, heard and supported.

If this resonates with you, please join us in NYC for this special live offering of the Black Women's Healing Circle.

Register Here:


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