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New Year, Old Wounds

I don't know when I got the "hit" but I remember being tuned in to the person I was talking to who was about to start something new in their life. I remember their excitement. It was a big important step. But they were about leap into this very important new chapter in their life, unhealed.

My clairaudience was vibrating.

I heard "she's taking all that with her"

I understood the message.

It was the beginning of my breaking agreements sessions to clear wounds that are attached to sacred agreements that are no longer necessary.

This person had strong knotted entanglements of pain.

Here's the deal.

If you have unhealed trauma and you birth something, that something you birthed will have the trauma weaved into it. We cannot put a bandaid on our pain and think our smile will guard the gate.

Bandaids are temporary and so is the emotional push down.

"Bandaids are temporary and so is the emotional push down"

Everything that you create as your unhealed self will have your pain in it until you do the work.

Awareness is the first step in the work.

Do a self assessment and decide what needs to go and then join us on December 29th and let it go during Release! 2022

Where we will create space for the highest vision and version of ourselves.

We will be breaking the 2022 spiritual agreement and frequency that we operated in this year. and clearing the areas of health, money, love + relationships and experiences of 2022.

Release is next in our work.

I have been helping people to release for the last 5 years so that they can heal with clarity or create with intention.

Regardless of where you are, if you want to clear your spiritual and emotional palette for the new year you'll want to meet me in the circle.

Join us to fine tune your intention.

Join us to create space so you can manifest a great new year and release old wounds!

This is your invitation to Release! 2022

Coming in January 12th!

The Soul Vision Circle.

Release is where we clear the field, Soul Vision is where we manifest in the field!

Using various creation techniques, specific Universal Laws and an affirmation cypher. We will align to our soul and script our vision. We will center and hold space for each woman's vision to support her in activating her dreams for 2023.

This is going to be a fun one!

This circle is currently a $15 Add on when you check out for Release! 2022

Coming in February!

Healing the Black Inner Child

Registration will open with special pricing during the announcements at Release! 2022

Would you help me out?

If you've never attended an event with me I am wondering why?

If you're interested in healing services such as hypnotherapy, sound healing and energetic balancing, and you've never booked a free consultation why not?

It would help me fine tune my services and products or create customize a service just for you.

Will you reply to this email and let me know?

Deep Gratitude


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