Why We Still Need Healing

As I watched the recent event's play out on social media surrounding a particular high profile persons death, it became abundantly clear to me that whatever we've tried to fix as a community is still broken. I wanted to take sides as I listen to commentary and watched various videos on the internet. I was magnetized to video after video until I had my fill. I had enough information now to come to an answer. Not right, not wrong but the answer is we still need healing.

Over the years I have listened to a lot of "what Blacks need to do" conversations and I've decided to try to answer that question. What do we need? What would our healing as a community look like? What's missing and how do we fill the void?

Let's pause for the brothers who ain't here.

Missing Soul Brother number one: Alignment. In my metaphysical fantasy world Black Folks are beyond agreeing. We move with the frequency that best supports our highest good, we let others do the same.

Missing Soul Brother number two: CareFreedom. In my happy Black world we have elevated past Black Lives Matter and on to Black Lives Matter to Black Folks and Thats All that Matters. Period. There is no Black History month to show the world our contributions and say "see this is why you should respect us" There are no movements, no marches and no campaigns to convince anyone that we belong here because well, we belong here and we're done talking about it. We are Black and finally Carefree.

Soul Brother number three: Awareness. Self Realization is Awareness on fire. In my Aligned, CareFree Black World, Know thyself is no longer a directive but a normal way of life that no longer needs to be announced. When Google recently released it's commercial commemorating Black History Month called The Most Search: A Celebration of Black History Makers, it was a power statement on how much Black people create and influence culture across the globe.

How is it that 13% (2018 census) of the population with our health statistics, our education (Black Women are the exception) our wealth (Black Women are the exception) and our slave history, we are still here and still busting through the stats, unhealed and unaware of who we truly are. Have we tapped into something unknowingly, something greater than ourselves?

Twin Soul Brothers number four and five: Respect & Honor. In my version of Wakanda. respectful behavior of self, family and intimate relationships rule. Honoring choice, heritage, heroes, ancestors and elders are of the utmost importance. We would understand that insulting each other, killing each other, hurting each other is a spiritual violation that has long lasting generational damage that our children would have to deal with long term and so we just don't do it.

In the recent public debachery of death and disrespect between known figures who have influence over the air wave, there was no consideration for families or the memory of the person who some felt they needed to vehemently defend. They could have had their people contact their people. Y'all could have sent text messages! But this was all played out in the court of public opinion, with band wagon jumpers after the next looking for likes and ratings instead of Respect and Honor.

So I'm not watching anymore video's, reading any more commentary and instead I am getting to work. We need healing and as a Hypnotist, Soul Coach and Transformation Healer I happened to be in the business of healing.

One of the offerings I have been working on is an accessible, affordable sacred sister community for Black Women. A virtual space for dialogue, healing sessions, meditation sessions, journaling sessions and of course healing circles.

If you'd like to hear more about this affordable option that can serve as stand alone or as an adjunct to your current therapy, energy work, counseling and self care plan please sign up to be apart of the free webinar taking place Thursday March 5th 8pm

Click here to sign up: https://expertise.tv/webinar/maintaining-your-magic-2020-03-06/landing/11933

Feel free to share this link to those who you feel this offering will help!

Hope to see you there!

Love & Respect



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