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What Am I Healing?

Jill Flowers Your Healing Journey

That's the question I started the year out asking myself? I affirmed myself as a Healer in the company of a group of women attending a "New Year, New Me" workshop. I stood up to share an experience and declared 'I AM a Healer, my saying this publicly was for me, not a marketing scheme, I was not trying to impress or even get clients. It was about owning yet another part of myself on my journey.

But this statement begs another question: What are you healing? Or as I put it , "What the hell am I healing?" I asked myself this over and over again. After hosting several healing circles, a Urban Healing Retreat, Several Soul Shops and coaching private clients I could not specifically answer this question. I could answer it generally and I could say I help black women heal spiritually and emotionally but I wanted a concise and to the point answer for what I provide as a Healer and Spiritual Life Coach.

Spirituality is a wide net and when you tell people you're a spiritual healer, it's very general. Spiritual work can include psychic work, working with crystals, astrology, energy work, body work, etc. I felt a strong urge to narrow what I was doing, to really define my healing work so that I can become crystal clear and offer the same clarity to those I work with.

So what am I healing? After a few month's of soul searching, the answer is, nothing! I know it's anti climatic but it's true. I know nothing, I do nothing and I heal nothing. This is actually my great gift. To put my ego, judgments and emotions aside so that Spirit can use me in service to another. On the most basic level I show up and I allow. I become the conduit for the healing of women on their spiritual development journey. You are in fact your own healer!

So what in specifically do I help with became the more empowering question. I could say I help you find your voice or I help you with negative self talk and low self worth. I have said previously, that I help women with the pain of the past and this has all been true but the one underlying thread that all aspects of the work that I do is linked to, is limiting belief's and false narratives that show up as low self worth, negative self talk, trust issues, dysfunction in relationships, poverty consciousness, lack of voice, low confidence, disconnected to ones truth or identity crisis (living your life for others) and confusion of purpose.

If I said you are suffering from limiting beliefs and false narratives you would not necessarily agree with me but if I said you believe you are powerless around getting the life you want, you could easily accept this. You want to feel better, think better and live better but you feel powerless to take the steps or don't know where to begin. You want to heal your past but it feels too overwhelming and you are unwilling to forgive right now because thats where you can be powerful. But this my Dear One, is a false narrative you've created about your past because ultimately you feel powerless about what happened to you.

You may have bought into notions about your gender, culture and race that make you feel powerless. You don't have a voice because somehow you've taken ownership of insignificance and for some, being a victim is a comfortable container that allows you to feel powerful in your victimhood.

It is a belief about power is what I ultimately help women with. I help women release blocks and reclaim their power. The power that is already within dormant inside of them.

What I have discovered is that the women I work with, regardless of what they think or believe, know there is something inside of them that says they are meant for more. There is a whispering in their hearts, there is a urging in their belly, their head holds the limiting thoughts but their hearts hold a message of truth, power and freedom. She intuitively knows she is powerful, she just can't connect to that power on her own, for now.

That's why she attends the healing circle and she books time to connect with me. She knows.

You want to feel strong in every area of your life, not the struggling and fighting kind of strong but the strength that is decisive and beautiful. The strength that is ownership of who you really are. The strength that is self mastery.

And so through my own contemplative and reflection work, I received the clarity that I needed. I work with black women who love themselves enough to right what feels wrong. They love themselves enough to start on their healing journey and they know they need support and information to help them along the way. My clients are just having power outages and I am here to help them turn the lights back on and then shine that light out into the world!

P.S - Feeling like you need to release pain from the past? You know you were meant for more and you'd like to connect to it? Do you know you are having a power outage and you're ready to find yourself so that you can be a light in the world?

Great News! I have two spaces open for private clients this spring!

I am currently offering 30 minute spiritual counseling calls over the next two weeks. If you'd like to see what having a Spiritual Coach like me in your corner is like, I'd like very much to connect with you!

It is complementary and there is no obligation to continue to work together.

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