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What Am I Healing?

Jill Flowers Your Healing Journey

That's the question I started the year out asking myself? I affirmed myself as a Healer in the company of a group of women attending a "New Year, New Me" workshop. I stood up to share an experience and declared 'I AM a Healer, my saying this publicly was for me, not a marketing scheme, I was not trying to impress or even get clients. It was about owning yet another part of myself on my journey.

But this statement begs another question: What are you healing? Or as I put it , "What the hell am I healing?" I asked myself this over and over again. After hosting several healing circles, a Urban Healing Retreat, Several Soul Shops and coaching private clients I could not specifically answer this question. I could answer it generally and I could say I help black women heal spiritually and emotionally but I wanted a concise and to the point answer for what I provide as a Healer and Spiritual Life Coach.