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Loosing Limitations for 2019

So I've been talking about limiting beliefs...a lot!

Well mostly on my Instagram feed with the Morning Reflection post.

I know, it seems like I'm talking about you but I'm actually talking about my own limiting beliefs. I have been so focused on helping, serving, doing (off and on the Superwoman/Queen rollercoaster) that I overlooked some of my own stuff that had me stuck.

As I recently reviewed a few old journals that actually need to be burned (perhaps we'll have a bowl burning ceremony) I kept seeing the same two things coming up over and over again and it's been over the course of several years that I have been upholding some stuff and even nurturing that stuff so that same stuff grew!

Yes those limiting beliefs will blind you and then have babies! I recognized I was stuck in a system of limiting belief and it's held me back in certain areas.

But now these areas need new life and the old worn out ideas that don't serve the woman that I want to become simply cannot go where I am going! I refuse to take these rotten ideas, thoughts, whatever isn't in service to my high vibe life into another year. Holla if you hear me!

These thoughts have kept me from taking responsibility, full responsibility of the way I show up sometimes. I have definitely played the blame game and it's unfair. Yes, it's unfair to the people I made responsible for my emotions (You made me not like you! Lol) but it's really unfair to me, to my future self and to the people who are waiting for me to show up fully as my authentic self with all of my gifts. You see, we release others from their limiting beliefs when we move past our own and we can only move past our own limitations by taking them on face to face and then wrestling those mofo's to the ground!

So this is the work I've done and the work I want to share with you over the next few weeks as we move into a new year.

Be it a new goal or old goals I want to invite you to consider what's holding you back. Take responsibility for it and then summon the courage to create a new and powerful narrative. One that is aligned with your truth and the great divine awesomeness that is You!

You can start the process by signing up for the next Black Women's Free & Virtual Healing Circle:


To support you in considering the blocks you may have to undo check out the video "The Undoing"

One more thing!

Make sure to open the next email from me!

It will include a free Guided Meditation I recorded recently to support you in Undoing your blocks...Guess what it's called? Yep, you guessed it! The Undoing!

To Your HiGh ViBe LiFe!

Love Jill

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