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Our Precarious Mysterious Relationship with Rest.

Earlier this year I was invited to an incubator centering Respite for Black Woman. It was a multi diverse gathering with mostly Black Women who came together to flow experiences, ideas and vibes as to what Black Woman Rest looks like, feels like, smells like, why it's needed, why we don't have it naturally or nurturally (that's not a word I make shit up cuz it's my blog) and how we can get the rest we need. It was understood that there was no right answer and the conversation would be open ended and fluid.

The weekend was life changing for me and I literally could not touch the subject of "that weekend" as I had no words to describe the frequencies that I had ascended to. I'm still finding my way but what I can say however, is that we were not here. We had left this reality behind and settled in for a new reality marked by a newness that had no name. We brought this no name newness back with us but more importantly what we left behind was fertile ground that made the next phase of visioning possible. A Movement.