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Dear Black Woman;

How would you feel if I referred to you as a red bone, high yella, or told you the darker the berry the sweeter the juice as I affirmed my love of my skin tone in response to my own communities sentiment about the color of the skin I'm in?

How do you feel knowing that from Madison Ave to Hollywood and all hoods in between support the internal prejudices that serve as a constant reminder that we Black folk are a mixed race because sexual violence was forced on us and is in our bloodline and preference was birthed from this violence. How do you feel knowing that we are divided because privileged was orchestrated within our ranks and we accepted the lie, that skin tone dictates our worth and now we perpetuate the lie.

I'm not really asking, I know how you would feel because I am you and I am triggered.

I am also ready to have the conversation on color. I wasn't before. And I am ready to affect change in my own little world by helping those who need it change their perspective and begin the conversation that leads to transformation. One that releases the burdens of low self worth and boost the self love levels into higher consciousness.

As I read different articles and did my research it was apparent that some writers of this topic think that our lack of conversation about colorism in the Black community is a guarded secret. I think that its not as much of a secret as it is a way of life. It's a old worn out normal so ingrained in us that at times we don't even know we have made a choice or a judgement based on our own skin color or someone else's.

Colorism is one of the tougher subjects to talk about in healing our history because many of us are guilty of the same principles that are align very closely with racism. I'm aware that wealth and agency needs to be in play for racism to be a factor but in every community there is hierarchy and possibility for privilege to serve that hierarchy.

In this the era of Melenated Magic and Black Queen confidence I thought perhaps we were moving toward change but it seems color preference is living it's best life right now and I am guilty of being blind to this and ignoring the obvious.

I talk about it in the video below:

This topic sadden me and I felt shame at my own participation in color preference conversations. The research took me back as I reflected on how colorism showed up in my relationship with my sister. I decided I would not tackle this topic. I read several articles and spanked my own butt, I put my big girl panties on (mine have crotch snaps!) and I set about planning the next offering with a focus on healing colorism.

Will you join me?

The next Black Women's Healing Circle will be virtual so you can participate from the comfort of your own home. We will have a focus on sharing our stories to heal and journaling to transform. I am setting my intention for clarity, connection, healing and it wouldn't be a healing circle without laughter because it really is the best medicine.

I will only have 8 seats available so if you have suffered in anyway from the impact of colorism, bring your tea and your journal and please join me for this intimate Sunday morning circle of healing and support. This offering is free all you need to do is register for the event. The registration will close by August 24th or when the seats are filled whichever comes first.

Register Here:

Peace & Blessings!

And while I have your attention I want you to know that you are worthy of healing and you deserve to live the life of your greatest dreams. You are valued and you need do nothing but be yourself. You are loved and it doesn't cost you a thing!

See you in the circle!!!

Love Jill

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