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Manifestation Momma

Recently, as I was preparing to host my Vision Board After Party soul shop, I felt I needed to take a look at what goals I had already accomplished, you know test myself. What went wrong when I didn't reach a goal and what went right when I did reach a goal.

Ultimately I needed to prove to myself that I could actually lead a group in manifesting their goals. I have succeeded way more than I've failed and I came to the conclusion "I'm a Manifestation Momma! And yes I feel confident in holding space for group.

I noticed a few things that were consistent. One thing that I noticed that was always present was the confidence in knowing. I achieved desires was that I fully knew would happen, there was no doubt. I also knew that in some case I simply had to go through the motions. The "motions" were just preparing me to!

There were other steps in this process that I noticed and rather than making this an exhaustive post, I decided to do is put it in a group coaching 10 week program and make it a Mastermind, focusing on our goals. This group is about a process of getting clear to create and using the Master mind method for support.

This is not about money or goals this group is really about how you wield your power. So if you're ready to align with your inner power and use it to deliberately create the life you desire, then please accept this invitation to learn more about this Mastermind group!

Only 5 seats are available in this group, we are currently offering early bird pricing until February 11th then the price goes up.

Sending you so much peace and many blessings!



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