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Manifest Your Healing

Last month we had our Release Circle and last week we hosted the high energy Soul Vision Circle complete with affirmation cypher set to the musical stylings of the Great Marvin Gaye. These two circles are focused on seeing ourselves as Creating Beings who have the power to intentional engineer a life we love.


I successfully got through the circles without mentioning the Law of Attraction one time! However, I failed to mention that while we desire and can create a great many shiny objects for ourselves, we can also manifest the healing we need and the truth is, we must.

We must heal and be well so that we can fully hold space for the life we want to manifest in the

first place.

Can you imagine we manifest the love of our life but we have not healed anger and unforgiveness? We manifest the money but we have not healed the lack and limiting mindset?

We manifest the perfect weight but the hunger persist because we never did the work to find out what it is we're really was hungry for... beyond the food.

We manifest in vain lest we heal.

For me, this means healing our inner child wounds. It is my belief and also my experience that the wounds we hold from our childhood impacts our lives in ways we cannot fully define because the impact is great yet subtle.

For example I can tell you about the bigness of the abandonment that I felt as a young teen but I was clueless that the same abandonment fueled the need I had for my husband to pick our kids up on time from school. If he was a few minutes late it was gut wrenching for me. Until I did the work I did not understand that this physical stress was rooted in my childhood abandonment. I needed to release and reframe and heal yet another area of my life that was created by my unhealed self.

Ok, one hand on heart, one hand on belly!

Deep breath.

Now, ask yourself the following question and then close your eyes and feel for the answer:

What do I need to release and reframe from childhood so that you can manifest my dreams from a clear space?

If an answer came up for you then I want you to click Here and sign up for the free virtual soul shop I'm facilitating this Saturday where you share with me and begin the journey of

healing your inner child wound!

Can't wait to share?

Schedule a 15 min call with me this week and lets see how I can support you in disrupting the trauma drama and bullshit of manifesting while wounded.

Because we're always manifesting, its just a matter of what!

Love Jill

PS. if you're on Facebook, I'll be going live all week starting tonight at 8pm EST in the private group.

Tonight will be about Wielding our Wounds: How the inner child would impacts Everything!

I'll also be talking about the Mother Wound we carry this week and how it impacts our female creation organs. What? I know!

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