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Sacred Snow Messages

This past Sunday Morning, I awoke with this urge to go outside in the snow. Not to play in it, not make a snowman or have fun with the kids but to just stand barefoot in the snow.

I don't know where the thought came from but it tickled me. It grew into pure excitement. Partially because I knew there was something up with this urge to do such a crazy thing but also because this was something that I had never done before. It had adventure written all over it. I stared out back anticipating the experience of the snow under my feet.

Now I know for some of you this is an adventure not! But I had to follow this urge.

When the time came, I was so giddy with the thrill of doing something that I had never done before that I was outwardly smiling from ear to ear. I called to my kids to come take a photo of me because well everyone on social media will need to see this.

No one came.

Ok, my daughter showed up but then quickly left. On occasion they want no parts of my antics!

It was meant for me to be alone.

I opened the door, closed my eyes and stepped out on fresh clean snow. Then I started to slip because to my surprise the snow began to turn to ice under my feet with the heat of my almost 100 degree body temperature.

The snow seemed to be welcoming me, inviting me. My thought was to listen. I came back in the house to google if snow had a spiritual meaning. Of course it does. The post that resonated with me most, was about snow coming from the heavens and carrying a divine message from God. It came from a website about Jewish Mystism. I believe the Rabbi wrote the blog and it really touched my heart.

Being a New Yorker, we have a love/hate relationship with snow and there are some rules of engagement when dealing with it. We are expert snow readers. There is a color palate that ranges from beige to yellow to brown and then several grays into black. We can tell from the color how old it is, whose been there before us, where not to walk and when the snow is no longer ripe for making snowmen and snowballs. Our snow spoils really quickly! I love the first fall of snow but never saw it as divine. Until now.

It was only appropriate to wrap my head, put on my ceremony dress and go back out to meet the snow with reverence. and this time I had a willing photographer. I was not cold although I did not wear a jacket. Menopause has it privileges, or perhaps I was experiencing hypothermia? Or did winter warm up for me to stay long enough to hear what the messages the snow held?

I left the outside with my heart wide open. I felt like I just met a Snow Goddess and she lives in my backyard!

May your spiritual eye(s) always be open, may you always listen, then heed and may you always, always proceed with reverence.

God is.


Love Jill

PS - This Sunday We DisRupT the regular scheduled traditions (because valentines day is bullshit) Join me in the Self Love Circle as we declare this Feb 14th Self Love Sunday!

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