Strange and Battered Fruit

Our Black bodies have been through so much, held so much, felt so much. The Black body has been terrorized and tortured continually to the point that you can actually create a historic time line on just the abuse alone.

"southern trees bearing strange fruit"

From the capturing and chaining of black bodies to the shipping of black bodies, to the mass suicide and drowning of black bodies to the marketing and commerce of black bodies. The separation of black bodies from families of black bodies to the toil and drudgery, the sun burning the black bodies, the whip tearing the flesh of those black bodies, raping black bodies, bloody black bodies, black bodies running to freedom. black bodies hanging from trees, black bodies hanging from bridges. black bodies tied to rail road tracks, black bodies burning.

"black bodies swinging in the southern breeze."

black bodies building the rail roads, black bodies building the white house. black bodies building America helping to make it great. Colonized black bodies. Raping black bodies. black bodies attacked by dogs, black bodies clubbed, black bodies burned, black bodies marching. Raping black bodies. black bodies moved to low income housing. black bodies bused. black bodies boycotting.

Blood on the leaves and blood at the roots"

Murdering Atlanta's youngest black bodies. black bodies addicted to crack cocaine. Sexualizing black bodies. Policing black bodies. Owning black bodies again through entertainment and sports. Raping black bodies. Missing black bodies. black bodies murdering black bodies. black bodies behind a wall. black bodies separated. Again. Missing female black bodies. black bodies murdered by blue bodies. Health can't maintain the black bodies, the virus taking over black bodies.

black bodies can't breathe.

"strange fruit hanging from the popular trees"

I mourn our Black bodies. I acknowledge my own Black body and what I hold in the body temple. What has been handed down by ancestry and what has been absorb by living in a country clearly not made for me. I am exhausted. During this time of resistance most descendants of the diaspora are exhausted. We can not carry both the oppression and the marks of the oppressor. Then we are expected to teach and hold space for their guilt while white people figure it out. We need to decolonize our lives.

I invite you to come back home to your body. To take full ownership of the landscape that is you. Next Sunday August 9th, please join me for A Black Woman's Healing Circle to explore Black Body Liberation. We will share in a group attunement, and use the breath to feel into our bodies as we release where we are holding pain and falsehoods that have held us back. Pain we have pushdown so that we move on.

Let us release these lies from our thighs and wombs. Let us release the pushing against systems not made with us in mind and then have a really good nights sleep!

I hope you will join me.

For details and to register: Decolonizing the Body A Black Woman's Healing Circle


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