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The Power to Decide

One of the things that I love to do is take something that on the surface appears minor and unpack it to it's core to see how major it really is. We discussed it once before with how we brush off disappointments, frustrations and how we unconsciously hold our breath, anxiously waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.

We easily shrug off disappointments like little incidents that we can get over. When in fact disappointments are painful and like many other small bites, come with a bigger sting on our emotional system than we think.

Today I would like to unpack Decisions.

I think we've all been stuck in the decision making hell going back and forth over what to do about a thing. We all know that when we don't make a decision it's because we're deeply afraid of making a mistake. We are punished when we make mistakes.

We also know that when we don't make a decision we are still in fact deciding, just with no dogs in the fight. That undecided decision allows people, fate, circumstances to make a choice for us. In doing so we relinquish all of our power that comes with making decisions and then we get angry about it.

So what's a decision anyway?

The Online Dictionary defines decisions as "a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration." Here's my personal understanding:

A decision is an opening up of a pathway that leads to something I am intending. Decisions are selfish. Good selfish, so they are soulful, requiring soulful input and therefore do not go well with greed, deceit, or low integrity vibes.

Decisions build energy up behind them and when you make your soulful decision you will feel the flooding of energy coming through empowering your righteous path. Even when nervous about the decisions you make. The force behind it empowers the result. This rarely happens if you don't see decisions as a powerful force that should be made in your favor. The decision making process requires that you check in with yourself and trust what you find.

So when the giving becomes too much and you can't give one more thing, trust what you feel when the request to give more comes up. Trust the no that you feel stirring in your belly. Trust that whatever happens after the no is delivered is ok too. People who leave you after you decline their request were not written into that part of your story and in some cases the next part of your life. Sometime we are deciding against ourselves, deciding for our fears and from our wounds.

So here's a process to help you rightly divide.

Go from head to heart to belly to womb.

And listen.

How do you feel in each area. What comes up for you in each area.

When I use these energy centers in the central part of my body it unleashes for me a power that supports my highest good. Even if the results of the decision has an unexpected appearance, it always seems to workout. The Universe will course correct so when I wobble I trust God. The seemingly negative will open the way for your good. This is why decisions are selfish, it's your energy, your power you are releasing.

We are hard wired to use this power for ourselves. When you ask someone to help with a decision, they will always speak from what they would do, their experiences, their understanding and sometimes they will speak from how your decision will benefit them.

Trust your heart, your gut, your womb, then bring it back to your head (your heaven or God) and may you decide powerfully, opening up the pathway of good for your new year.


Thoughts on this post? Has it helped you? Please let me know by simply hitting reply!

Sending Abundant Blessings for the New Year and Beyond!

Love Jill

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