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To The Woman Spending Valentines Day Alone, an Invitation

Dear Single Soul Sister!

I read your post on your feed, I watched your video and I saw your story on Instagram. You let me and all of your followers know that this valentines day you will be alone. My heart goes out to you, not because you are single on valentines but because you don't see the gift in your being single.

Here's a few things that you may not know.

As a mother and wife, living with three other people in New York City there are times when I feel lonely. Having a mate will not guarantee that you feel complete, understood or that you will no longer feel the pangs of loneliness. Especially if you see yourself as different or you have a unique gift you want to offer the world, it is easy to forget that everyone will not get you or your vision and often times you will feel lonely. I invite you to celebrate your uniqueness. Once you start the party other people will join. Confidence is contagious and it will draw people to you.

Your Singleness is your ministry. This is a time to really be of service to any great, global or local work you choose. This is your time to explore and discover, invent and create in the great and expanding space of freedom. This is also a time to fail, be flawed, investigate and try again without affecting any one person in particular. This is your time to take risk and know you can and will bounce back.

As someone with a family I know every move I make, every decision I make, can change the trajectory of my children lives. Do not slap your singleness in the face with the ideals of a made up marketing scheme designed to increase sales. There is something for you to do. Let me rephrase that, there is something you NEED to do in the space you are in right now. I invite you to honor and respect your current path and use this time wisely, give birth to that idea or that business. Someone is waiting for you.