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Heart Led

Some of the absolute best times in my life was when I led with my heart and not my head. My heart, not my head led me to forge my father's signature when I was fourteen in order to get the house bills paid since he suffered from alcoholism and depression and could not do it. I continued to use this unreasonable process when I was accepted to Syracuse University. We did not have the money but both my father and I said yes first and the strategy came later.

On my visit to the school my heart led me to switch majors that weekend, from business to fashion design. Then, I leverage my degree into a career as a Costume Professional for Film and TV because I made a heart centered decision to call 40 Acres and a Mule, Spike Lee's production company and speak to the costume designer. If you know anything about film, it is illogical to believe that you can call a production company and then just land a job. But I did.

Today's Morning Reflection

The film was Malcolm X, the Designer was Ruth Carter, who is currently nominated for an Academy Award for her work as the Costumer Designer for the motion picture Black