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Heart Led

Some of the absolute best times in my life was when I led with my heart and not my head. My heart, not my head led me to forge my father's signature when I was fourteen in order to get the house bills paid since he suffered from alcoholism and depression and could not do it. I continued to use this unreasonable process when I was accepted to Syracuse University. We did not have the money but both my father and I said yes first and the strategy came later.

On my visit to the school my heart led me to switch majors that weekend, from business to fashion design. Then, I leverage my degree into a career as a Costume Professional for Film and TV because I made a heart centered decision to call 40 Acres and a Mule, Spike Lee's production company and speak to the costume designer. If you know anything about film, it is illogical to believe that you can call a production company and then just land a job. But I did.

Today's Morning Reflection

The film was Malcolm X, the Designer was Ruth Carter, who is currently nominated for an Academy Award for her work as the Costumer Designer for the motion picture Black Panther.

Fast Forward, my heart said yes to work to with my coach in a Mastermind Group and work remotely from Morocco on a 3 day retreat. I wasn't sure about the money. But I said yes first and the strategy came later.

Dinner in the Dessert of Morocco!

I could go on and please don't get me wrong, there are lot's of times when it is in your best interest to say no. There is a vibratory difference in your yes and in your no. Your yes is sacred (made a video about it) and it is indeed connected to your heart and to your impulses. We will unravel this more in the Master Mind, but here are the basics:

Impulses are one of the ways in which the Universe speaks to you. You may get the impulse to go to a place, turn a corner, go into that subway car for no particular reason and then you find that the person who you wrote about in your children's book and who you self illustrated in the book is sitting across from you. This actually happened to a friend of mine recently. What if she had reasoned that the subway car was too full and moved to another car? She would have been on the same train with one of the subjects of her book but never would have known and never would have met him and never would have taken a photo with him and never would have inspired me so much that it brought tears to my eyes and now I get to share this with you.

I want to interject here that society seems hell bent on getting women to disconnect from our senses and dull our intuitive impulses that are an integral part of who we are as women. Needed to say that!

So when I hear that someone is interested in the master mind that I am facilitating but they make a decision for whatever reasons to not follow through I get curious about where it's really coming from and I wondering where else in their life is this person stopping themselves.

So here's my empowering question to you:

Are you letting what is, keep you from what could be?

Breathe that in.

If you are interested in this master mind, if your heart is saying yes then schedule a call with me. Our speaking may be for reasons neither you nor I know about at the current moment.

If your heart is saying yes then you've read to this point so I will share with you that my same author friend who met one of the subjects of her book on the subway, is offering to pay for one week of someone's mastermind. I decided to match that offer but you have to be committed beyond what is, beyond what you can see with your eyes. This is a mastermind about manifesting, ya know!

We walk by faith not by sight.

If you have the impulse to join the Mastermind click here: One person will be offered a seat in the mastermind with a scholarship of $119.40.

Friday, Feb 15th is the last day I will be taking calls for this group. I will determine who gets the "My Sisters Keeper" scholarship on a first come basis. If you need more info about the Master Mind:

Here's to your precious, perfect heart, may you live more heart lead instead!



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