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What Are You Leaving in 2023?

A friend sent me a video "6 things Black Women are no longer doing in 2024"

I'm not going to make you wait. The 6 things Black Women are NOT Doing in 2024 are

  1. Keep adding to our physical stuff

  2. Put off travel

  3. Cheer for others more than ourselves

  4. Start a non profit (LOL)

  5. Look down on shortcuts (Riiiight!!)

  6. Perpetuate American Exceptionalism

This is of course according to this person and their community and I really loved it.

I of course began to think about a list of my own. I'll share one of the things from my list is to stop lecturing to the kids. It simply doesn't work, they stop listening after 3 seconds and I have exhausted myself and wasted my breath.

I will share more in another post for now I'd like to invite you to create your list!

Here's a few tips to get you going.

Title your page something that resonates with you. An aligned title is motivating and will help you rattle off quicker if the title is connected with how you really feel. Mine is "What am I no longing Tolerating Going Forward". It can be "What I No Longer Have Patience For in 2024" or "What Am I Leaving Behind In 2023".

I also like "What no Longer Serves Me?" Take a moment to pause, take a few deep breaths and go in to your heart. Make your list quick and fast and then go over it nice and slow.

Choose 3 on your list to focus on, trying to boil the ocean is a set up for failure.

Bring those 3 to the Release 2023 Circle.

You will need a process of detachment and disruption if you no longer want to align yourself with the things that do not serve you. Making a list, taping into your heart and being intentional is sacred scribing process that will support you immensely.

However, in the Release 2023 Circle, we have already started to call in the energies needed for soul realignment and clearing the way for you to birth the best version of yourself. The Sound Alchemy has been activated, A Spiritual Channel (that's me!) will support and guide you through the hypnotic detox process and you will be connected to the charged energy of an aligned community of women, all combine to create space for you to rid yourself of everything you want to let go of and release from the frequencies of this year.

If you'd like to reserve your seat in the circle for our annual end of the year sacred Release Detox go HERE

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