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Fine Not Fine.

If you're like me, you've had moments of everything being fine. Moments of peace, feelings of being in a good place and knowing that you can handle all that has come your way. And then, like me, you have moments when you hear the cheering for the frontline workers at 7pm or you see something that normally would not spark emotion and you find yourself bawling. For me, it's the empty streets of New York City. It's the unavailability of the most basic items that remind me of this global shift out of the things I use to know. I use to know lingering at the grocery store, going in to grab a few things and leaving with a three bags of groceries. Now I go to the grocery store with a list of exactly what's needed and leave as quickly as I can. Now, I make sure that I don't wear my clothes into the house but leave them in my hallway and disinfect my shoes. Now in my new normal I clean my keys and the locks they go into.

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