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Pardon YourSelF!

In the most average of conversations I hear women making negative judgements about themselves. Most times it's so subtle that I would easily miss if I were not the type of empath and claire sensitive that I am. But in these conversations I feel the hit immediately.

Recently, I shared a compliment with someone and that person responded by attacking the very compliment I gave her. I felt her dismantle my compliment blow by blow. It came out of now where, a left hook to the chin, then a upper cut to the stomach, finished off with a 1 to 2 jab punch to the head.

Pardon YourSelf

She wasn't attacking me, she was attacking herself, actually she was attacking her spirit and I fully felt this assault. This way of dis agreeing with her divinity is a dis ease that puts a wedge between you and YOU. It's a criminal act that we commit against ourselves. It is actually foreign to the God-In-Us and promotes the separation that we often times feel and then seek to relieve through outside sources.

Pardon YourSelf

My friend would have felt this in the same way that I had, had she not been conditioned to speak so badly about herself. On the surface, I think she expected me to laugh and join in but on a deeper level I saw it as a cry for help. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your Soul is listening. The Ancestors are witnessing and Infinite Source is governing those words as they are our wand of manifestation and the Universe will indeed conspire to bring us what we will be!

When we speak this way about ourselves there is a sadness vibration that is in the undertone. I know because I have done this too and felt the shame of my own words. In my process of decolonizing myself I then "cancel' my words and immediately send forgiveness to me. I send the energy back from wherever came from (because sometimes it's simply not mine) I reframe my words in the most loving way possible and keep it moving!

In this season of DisRupTing, we are to be everrrrr soooooo sweet to ourselves! I invite you to pardon yourSelf for any criminalizing acts you may have committed on You. Pardon yourSelf for any violations of the spirit!

Your Beautiful Truth does not encompass anything of a low vibration!

Use my quick process or since you really are your own healer, make a ritual of your own that resonates with you. Create an affirmation or say a sacred scripture that lifts you up.

Let us uphold the beautiful parts of ourselves, speak lovingly, kindly and ever so sweetly about ourselves because our Soul, who knows our beautiful truth, is listening.

From my Soul to yours!

Love Jill


For some of us the ways in which we speak to ourselves is the way in which we were spoken to...or ignored...or abandoned or bullied, or neglected or abused as children.

In the next Black Women's Healing Circle the topic will be Healing the Inner Child Wound. Join me next Sunday January 31, 2021, 6pm EST

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