When rioting isn't an option

For you who feel powerless, when rioting isn't an option and praying isn't enough.

The other night we had an free intro to the healing circle and one of the Ladies asked a question about how we can separate ourselves from what's going on? What I believe she meant was how can I save myself and not drown in the agony, anger and the emotion of what's happening.

Black people are dying. A lot.

A friend of mine in her frustration asked me what do we do? I'm not going out in the streets, I have kids. She explained. my reply:

Send Light.

Send Light to situations that feel bigger than you with the intention to dissolve it.

I am talking about Sacred Light. You have access to it. It is within you, around you and if you don't believe you are a sacred light being then simply pull Light from above. Access it from the Higher Plane, connect with Source and receive the Light of God.

Connect with Jesus and receive Healing Light. Connect with St Germain and receive the Sacred Light of the violet flame. Connect with the Ancestors and receive the Light of wisdom and guidance.

And if none of this resonates with you, light a candle, declare the light of the flame is available for healing and focus on the flame. When you're ready send the light out into the world. Blow out the candle and fan the smoke out, think of it as dissolving negativity.

This is a visualization process. Our minds are powerful.

So you must close your eyes, trust this is possible and connect. You can say a prayer of thanksgiving ( I use the 23rd Psalm) and set your intention to receive.

You cannot mess this up.

Below I have added a solar plexus chakra meditation. It is the energy center located behind the belly button about 2 inches above it. Focusing on this area will balance emotions towards situations you cannot control. Imagine that this area is like the sun (solar) and you have full access to this light to send out to communities, locations and individuals.

This light will bring strength to you, more joy, more harmony. You benefit first as the holder and conduit of the light. Allow it to flood your body and then send the light out into the world for healing, for peace and for love.

Love & So much Light



I will be sharing more about bringing Sacred Light into situations at tomorrow evening's Black Women's Healing Circle: Breaking the Fear that Binds. We will take a deeper dive around fear with discussion, laser coaching, music and a healing transmission where we will expand on this process of working with Sacred Light. We will be pouring to honor the ancestors with our beginning prayer so try your best to be on time. Thank you in advance.

Reserve your seat here: https://blackwomenshealingcirclebreakfear.eventbrite.com


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